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... About Adobe Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)
... About Your ESD Order
... About Downloading Software from ESD
... About ESD's Account Profile Features
... About Adobe Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)

What is Adobe Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)?

Adobe ESD is an online software delivery, upgrade, and management service that provides you easy access to the latest versions of some of your Adobe software and helps you manage the upgrade process. Our electronic software distribution engine allows you to download your software from the Adobe ESD Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ESD also provides you with access to previous versions of your software, along with tools for managing your software.

Who is eligible to receive ESD?

Your organization is eligible to receive ESD as part of your product order from Adobe. The person named on your Adobe account as the primary contact for your organization is the default ESD Account Administrator. Persons named as Ship To contacts may also have access to the ESD site.

How does ESD work?

From the Adobe Licensing Web Site, you have a link to the ESD site, where you can search for the product you wish to download. You have on-demand access to your software, and several download options from which to choose.

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... About Your ESD Order

What is included in the file that I download?

Each downloadable file is described on the Product Information page. In most cases the file that you download is actually made up of several files "zipped" together and contains everything that you would need from a Adobe CD-ROM, including documentation. Adobe desktop software downloads also include the End User License Agreement (EULA) for the software.

What do I do if a product is missing from my Product Download page?

Not all Adobe desktop software is available through Adobe ESD. It also is possible that the software is listed under a different name than you expected or that it is bundled with another product. If there has been a new release of your product, the older version may also be found under the Release Archive tab on the Product Information page. If you still cannot find it, contact your reseller or your Adobe account representative.

How many times can I download the software?

You can download the software as many times as you need. This allows you to download multiple versions or from multiple locations. The Download Log for each product records each download, for your reference. Please ensure that your organization's licensing is in compliance for the software you download.

Where can I get older versions of the software?

When you are first given access to ESD you receive the most recent version of the software you purchased. When there's a new version of your software it will show up under the New Versions tab on the Product Information page and all older versions will be located under the Release Archive tab.

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... About Downloading Software from ESD

Can large files be downloaded internationally?

Yes. Downloading internationally is as easy as downloading in the United States. Because we connect directly with multiple global internet service providers (ISP's), we are able to provide one-hop access to major hubs worldwide. Our load balancing technology automatically selects the best provider, maximizing download throughput so customers receive downloads through the fastest route possible.

Why can't I download some software?

We are prohibited by the U.S. government from delivering software to certain countries and individuals, and certain classes of software cannot be delivered to foreign governments. If you are not the contact person for your organization, you might not be able to download software. If you still feel that you should be able to download software but cannot, contact your Adobe reseller or Adobe account representative.

Where do I find my serial number, Credential Files or Product Activation Code (PAC) for installation?

Your serial number, Credential Files or PAC is available with your Adobe account information on the Adobe Licensing Web Site.

How do I use the Download Selected Files feature on the Download Page?

To use the "Download Selected Files" feature, click the checkbox for the files that you wish to download and then press the "Download Selected Files" button at the bottom of the page. A download manager will be used to queue the files for download. All files will be saved to a single location on your computer. Note: This feature is only available if Mass Download has been enabled.

Can I use a download client?

Most download clients work with our system. A download client may speed up your downloads by splitting up files and downloading the pieces concurrently. Download clients also allow you to pause and resume your download, as well as letting you restart broken downloads.

How do I know if my file downloaded completely?

Most download clients, including browser-based HTTPS clients explicitly let you know if the download succeeds or fails - either on the screen or in a log file. You can also elect to receive an email notification from ESD once the software has been successfully downloaded and/or in the event the download fails. You can set or change download confirmation preferences in the Download Preferences screen for each product.

Why is the byte count on the file I downloaded different than the listed size?

The file size listed by ESD is in bytes, your system may list files in either kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) which are not exactly one thousand and one million bytes respectively. If the downloaded file is substantially smaller than the size listed in ESD it is possible that the download did not complete. You will need to start the download again.

It is not a problem if the size of the file you downloaded is slightly larger (~100 bytes) than the listed size because that is most likely due to file system differences.

Why won't my .zip file unzip?

If you receive an error (e.g., not valid file format, or end of central directory not found) when trying to unzip your download, it typically means that you do not have a complete download. Please compare the file size listed on the Product Download page to what you have on your system.

What if my download doesn't complete?

You will have to start the download again. If you have any problems, contact adobe@flexnetoperations.com or call 1-888-715-4687 (within the U.S.) or 1-408-642-3965 (outside the U.S.).

How long will my download take?

Your download time depends on the size of the file, the speed of your connection, and the amount of traffic on the Internet. For approximate times, check the Estimated Times and Details for the file on the Product Download page.

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... About ESD's Account Profile Features

I do not want to get email notification from ESD. How do I stop these?

To change your Email Preferences so you no longer receive notifications, click on the Email Preferences link in the left navigation bar.

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